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 Daniel (Gitarre)  -   Lübby (Vocals)   -   Ditschi (Bass)   +   last (not least) Ben (Drums) 


21.03.2020 Rockkneipe Tröte Meschede (Kneipennacht)

12.09.2020 Habbels Schmallenberg - wir Spielen dort im Vorprogamm der "Sons of Odin


*rebel yell

*rocking in a free world

*touch to much

*whole lotta rosie

*hell aint a bad place 2 be

*dallas 1 pm

*so lonley

*enter sandman

*symphonie of destruction

*rest in peace

*crazy train

*heaven and hell


*basket case

*breaking the law

*live wire

*highway to hell


*along comes mary

*smells like teen spirit

*electric eye

*killed by death

*ace of spades


*the trooper


Seek & Destroy

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